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Real Estate Investments in the Tampa Bay Florida Area

Everyone should have a "ball park estimate" about the future profits of their potential real estate purchase. As an example - For Investment Condos - What return do you anticipate or must have on the rental income and the price appreciation to consider making a purchase?

Real Estate Buyers should avoid buying any properties that rely on ongoing appreciation similar to the order for the deal to still make sense. Try to locate properties based on sound fundamentals that will weather potential readjustments in the economy, too.

The real estate market has always been flexible. The Sale Price has always been what a seller and buyer agree to accept to close a deal. In the last three to four years in many Florida areas ...a good percentage of sellers and buyers have agreed to close deals at ...and above the asking price. Gulf Front...Waterfront and Investment Properties are best examples of this trend.

Between mid 2003 and mid 2004, Florida's population hit 17.4 million making it the Nation's third fastest growing state. The population increased by nearly 400,000 people with an average of 1,090 per day. Florida's growth is being driven primarily by winter weary Northerners and others who are attracted by the warmer weather and tropical lifestyle. Some were planning for retirement and decided to invest in the Tampa Bay market now. Many bought before the boom and have seen their initial buy price increase 25 to 35% per year. Others during that time frame were attracted by cheaper housing and they too have seen substantial price appreciation on their purchase. Some younger people and families relocated for better job opportunities and rented units while they prepared for purchase. This added to the rental income on those that purchased investments to rent.

We are all familiar with the "Dot com" Internet Stocks Bubble. It reached a plateau and came falling down....then settled and after years...a few have slowly begun to rise....but not near the astronomical heights previously.

Florida is one of the Nation's Top 10 Business States in 2005 according to a recent national study. The ranking considered 26 factors. It means that Florida is among the best places in the nation for conducting and succeeding in business because of it's progressive pro business policies, a quality workforce and a positive economic environment. The Nation's five best performing central business districts over the next two years will be Tampa Florida, Miami Florida, Orlando Florida, Oakland California and Orange County California. Florida is also projected to turn in a good showing among suburban business markets in such regions as Pinellas County Florida and Palm Beach County mainly because of while collar job growth.

(sources included our Team's experience and knowledge of the Florida Market plus -Florida Association of Realtors, USF Bureau of Economic and Business Research, Pollina Corporate Real Estate Study ) Max

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