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Landscaping that reduces or eliminates the need for watering is call xeriscaping

No lawn to mow and edge means less work and money. Many areas in Florida have water restrictions and xeriscape plants will survive, while most ornamental plants may be unable to adapt. Slight grading sloping for plants and bushes can take advantage of rainfall retention. Properly prepared and placed River Gravel, Limestone, Decorative Stones and mulch are pleasant to the eye.

A perfect solution for a buyer who will only use the property part time. Save money and peace of mind. It can be done to any home. Ask your Realtor to supply a list of companies with materials for do it yourself or full installation

Sample - NO Lawn Xeroscaped Front and Back, Waterfront, Furnished, Remodeled Florida Home

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Among other names and spelling are zeroscaping, zeriscape and xerogardening.
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