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Condos which allow Leasing 30 days or less have more income potential due to rotation of vacationers. 60 to 90 Lease Condos are good for semi investments. You have the decision when and if to rent your unit.

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A local real estate agent was directed to this private site from a buyer who told us they were NOT represented by any Florida agent...yet they were. Our extensive homework is for potential buyers who are searching for information - before making a decision on representation by a  Buyers Agents. If you have agreed to be represented by another would only seem fair that they would do the research and homework to professionally service you. Remember, you should always be able to cancel an agreement, if you feel the service promised is not what you expected.

Note the Square Footage Sq Ft of condo units. Some 1 bedroom units have more square footage than 2 bedroom units.
Prices vary by the views, location in the complex and unit floor

Condos which allow Leasing 30 days or less  have more visitor rotation & income potential. 60 - 90 Lease Condos are perfect for semi investments - as they do not have the constant (vacationer) neighbor rotation

All Asking Prices are only the starting point for us.
Hotel Accommodations, Maps, School Districts and any other information you need are emailed to you.
We are Buyers Agents - NOT Listing Agents. We have Access to All Tampa Bay Listings. The listings above are Pro IDX Broker Reciprocity Listings the Brokerage name should appear at the bottom.  We don't have any Team listings posted. We represent the Buyer and not the Seller.

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We are normally asked specific questions from sellers agents and builders regarding our buyers. We do not reveal your motivation or any other information that would hinder our negotiations on your behalf. I think you can appreciate why we represent you exclusively and post the Law on Representation on all our sites

One of our teams specialties is staying focused on your needs and targeting properties within your specifications.
After we narrow down the search to properties that truly interest you...our job is far from over. We'll do extensive homework on each property and confer with you. We'll then be ready to negotiate the best possible price.

Pinellas Condos in 2003 - 2005 appreciated on average between 15 to 20%. Many were in the 25 to 35%+ range
This Web Site contains a Small Sample with short Details on Investments - plus info on Our VIP Buyers Service
Remember - all listings show THE ASKING PRICE entered by the Sellers Agent and favoring the Seller
We're Buyers Agents who typically search beyond your initial price range, in anticipation of negotiating the asking price down
EXAMPLE MLS # 7076244 Waterfront - 30 Day Lease Investment Condo Asking Price: $420,000 - Sold Price: $325,000

$275k Near Beach Overpriced- previously at $170k 190k & 210k increased every time there was an offer. The seller refused to accept any of the offers and increased price each time - Annual Rental income in 2004 was $5,444.00
Sales History: Date: 10/08/2003 Sale Price: $90,000

Of the 48 condos at Snug Harbor in Madeira Beach, 32 sold in six months.
Proposed plans for the Clearwater Beach area include improved lighting, landscaping and paving enhancements in keeping with the beach experience. A first class pedestrian environment is proposed in order than Clearwater Beach can continue to prosper as a resort and residential environment. Plans include a dramatic gateway at the Beach entrance from Memorial Causeway, targeted private sector investment and redevelopment, enhancement of the natural beauty of the Beach, better connections between the Beach and Downtown, and a pedestrian friendly environment on the Beach through street and sidewalk design.

Condominium: Individual ownership of a dwelling unit and an individual interest in the common areas and facilities which serve the multi-unit project.

: (Co-op) A structure of two or more units in which the right to occupy a unit is obtained by the purchase of stock in the corporation which owns the building.

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